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Results for position of Branch Chair:
Saroj Norman 236 ELECTED 
Robert Underhill 79  
Spoilt Papers -  
Total 315  
Results for position of Branch Secretary (Membership Services & Admin):
Saroj Norman 232 ELECTED 
Rob Underhill 86  
Spoilt Papers -  
Total 318  

Results for position of Branch Secretary (Service Conditions):
Saroj Norman 124  
Joanne Prescott 195 ELECTED
Spoilt Papers -  
Total 319  

Mar 1, 2019

Time: Tuesday, 29 January 2019 at 18:30 UTC

Venue: Birmingham & Midlands Institute, Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BS

44 going · 116 interested


Join the TUC in the Midlands as we host a solidarity rally for the Homecare Workers of Birmingham, who have been in dispute for over a year and have taken almost 50 days of strike action during that time.

Come and hear from leading trade unionists and the workers themselves. Bring your banners! Show your support to these inspirational workers.

Speakers include:
Dave Prentis
Unison General Secretary
Mark Serwotka
TUC President & PCS General Secretary
Howard Beckett
Unite Assistant General Secretary
Caroline Johnson
Unison Birmingham

Jan 22, 2019

Speaker : Tracey Henman, from Birmingham Home Care Workers.

These people are UNISON members and deserve our support. They have been inspirational throughout their 19 months dispute with the Labour Council. Come along and hear the latest update on the dispute.

Venue: Dudley Council House, 1 Priory Rd, Dudley DY1 1HJ
Time: Tuesday, 8th January at 7 p.m.

All trades unionists welcome!

Jan 4, 2019

Please see our latest Christmas Newsletter attached.

Dec 13, 2018

The Annual General Meeting of the Branch will be held on Thursday 14th March 2019  12.30pm until 1.30pm at Dudley Town Hall, St James’s Road, Dudley, DY1 1HP. All members are invited to attend. This is your formal notice of the meeting under Branch Rule 6. Unison is keen to encourage members to attend and if you require any assistance in attending please contact the branch office by 12 noon on Friday 25th January 2019. The types of assistance which can be provided include, but are not limited to, transport, signing and childcare. No reasonable request will be refused.

Please see the attached form here for nomination of Branch Officers and Stewards and motions for the AGM.

Dec 13, 2018

What are UNISON There for You Winter Fuel Grants?

In addition to our normal range of services and in response to the growing difficulty many members on
low income are experiencing paying their fuel bills, a programme has been put in place that will assist
our most vulnerable members.

How much are the Grants?

They are one-off grants of up to £60 per household.

Am I eligible?

    • You must be a UNISON member and have paid 4 weeks subscriptions before the launch date of this programme (3/12/18)
    • Have a total net annual household income of £18,000 or less. (Note: By ‘net income’ we mean all salary including your partner's after tax, national insurance, superannuation and trade union subscriptions only. Your calculation should include any Tax Credits, Universal Credit or child maintenance received. Do not include Child Benefit, the childcare element of Working Tax Credit, Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment.
    • You are responsible for meeting the household fuel bills and are struggling financially

Is there anything else that may affect my entitlement to apply?

  • You and your partner (if applicable) must not have combined savings, or rolling bank balance, of more than £800.
  • You must not have received financial assistance from UNISON There for You during the previous six months (excluding School Uniform Grant)
  • Applications are limited to one per household and priority is given to those who have not previously applied for the Winter fuel grant

How do I apply?

To apply for a Winter Fuel Grant simply:


We must receive your application by 15 February 2019. Applications will then be processed and decisions communicated over the following weeks


Nov 22, 2018

Following on from the disappointing Court of Appeal ruling on sleep-in shifts the Government has issued new guidance on the issue.

UNISON branches are encouraged to monitor how councils are delivering and/or commissioning sleep-in contracts to ensure that care workers are paid for all the hours they are working.

As you will be aware, back in July 2018, the Court of Appeal recently overturned previous legal decisions and found that those workers engaged on ‘sleep in’ shifts are to be treated as being ‘available for work’ as opposed to working time. This letter is to update you regarding new guidance the government has issued.

At the time of the Court of Appeal judgment, we wrote to you to highlight the risk that commissioners will use this ruling as an opportunity to return to previous practice of paying care workers a nominal lump sum for sleep-in shifts. UNISON believes that doing this carries serious reputational risks for commissioners. We view this as an irresponsible attack on the incomes of already low paid care workers

This risk has now significantly increased, due to the new National Minimum Wage guidance issued by the government which states “If the employer provides suitable facilities for sleeping, minimum wage must be paid for time when the worker is required to be awake for the purpose of working, but not for time the worker is permitted to sleep."

An application to the Supreme Court for permission to appeal the decision in the sleep-in case has been made. Whilst we await a definitive legal decision we are asking UNISON branches to be vigilant of any changes in commissioning and employer practice in this area. In particular, any moves to return to lump sum payments which do not take account of National Minimum Wage payment for sleep-in shifts should be resisted.

Maintaining pay levels is important, not least because of increasingly high levels of turnover in the care sector fuelled by a failure to pay and treat staff fairly. These turnover rates are having a significant impact on the quality of care that is being delivered.

UNISON is aware that many commissioners are experiencing significant financial difficulties which is why we are lobbying the Government for more money to be allocated to social care.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact

With best wishes
Jon Richards
National Secretary
Local Government, Police and Justice Section

Nov 22, 2018

The Department of Health and Social Care recently announced that it had created a new website that gives care workers the opportunity to share their views about what needs to happen to improve the care system.

The views submitted on the website are shared with government ministers on a regular basis. Please encourage your care worker members to contribute to make them aware of the scale of the problems in the care sector.

This autumn the new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, launched a digital platform that allows health and social care workers in England to provide feedback about their working lives -

The website encourages workers to contribute their views around the six following areas:

  • Challenge 1: Feeling empowered and achieving their full potential.
  • Challenge 2: Working without fear of bullying, discrimination or violence.
  • Challenge 3: Having access to the training, development and support that staff need.
  • Challenge 4: Feeling included and valued.
  • Challenge 5: Getting the basics right.
  • Challenge 6: How can we measure success?

We have been told by civil servants that this new website is intended to supplement and
not replace other mechanisms for providing feedback on the working lives of health and
social care workers.

Given that Government Ministers are regularly informed of the views of the care workers
that have contributed to the site please take this opportunity to encourage your social care
members to register for the site and contribute their views, particularly around the myriad
of challenges that they face in their jobs. We are particularly keen for care workers to
stress the need for improved levels of pay and training in the sector.

We have been assured that care workers are able to contribute to the website on an
anonymous basis.

Details of the website have already been distributed by UNISON health branches to their

With best wishes
Jon Richards
National Secretary
Local Government, Police and Justice Section

Nov 22, 2018
We are absolutely delighted to welcome you to our biggest ever free prize draw – the chance to win an amazing 7 Night Holiday worth over £2,000 at the UNISON Croyde Bay Resort in North Devon where you plus 5 family or friendswill all be staying in a luxury 3 bedroom lodge.

This incredible prize includes breakfast each day for up to 6 guests£200 towards your travel or expenses and is valid for bookings throughout the year.
Set in one of the most beautiful parts of North Devon; Croyde Bay Holiday Resort - a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award Winning Resort for the last 5 years - has been owned and operated by UNISON for the past 80 years and is open throughout the year for unique holiday or short break experiences. The resorts fantastic location is a big factor in giving guests a holiday that lingers long in the memory and there’s a superb beach, rolling dunes, great surf and a cool village. On resort there’s alarge indoor swimming pool, gym and a big selection of leisure and entertainment facilities.
This exclusive UNISON free prize draw is open until April 30th 2019 and the lucky winner will receive a voucher valid for use until November 2019. Please use the link below to enter

Nov 9, 2018

Nov 6, 2018
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