Graph of the week

I knocked up a little graph to compare how the public sector pay cap over the past six years compared to rising prices – it does not make pretty reading.


Thing to do #1 – check how YOUR pay has been affected

The above graph only gives the general picture. If you want to see how much money you have lost because of the pay cap please go to the UNISON website at the link below. Then scroll down to take a look at the pay calculator. All you have to do is enter your salary and it will tell you how much money you have lost over the past 7 years since the pay cap was implemented.

Thing to do #2 – sign the petition

What are you waiting for?  At the time of writing we have raced to 80,000 signatures in just over a week – that's 80% of the way to a possible parliamentary debate. If you can get just a handful of friends to sign, we'll soon hit the 100,000 mark and beyond to keep the issue of public sector pay right at the top of the agenda.
Go here to sign it:

Thing to do #3 – attend the lobby of parliament on 17 October

UNISON’s Pay Up Now! campaign is putting real pressure on MPs and the Westminster Government to end the pay cap for all public sector workers, and give everyone the pay rises they need and deserve. The pressure we are putting on Conservative MPs is already beginning to pay off, but we’re saying loud and clear that we need the government to fund proper pay rises for all public service workers, not picking and choosing who gets a pay rise.

That’s why, on 17 October we need UNISON members to take the arguments directly to the politicians in Westminster.
Link to the Facebook page event:

More info here:

UNISON motion agreed at Labour Party Conference

Last week was Labour Party Conference and UNISON submitted a motion on public sector pay that was carried. Details are below.

Composite 2: Public Sector Pay

Conference notes that on September 12th the government removed the public sector pay cap, but only for some sectors and is still only offering below inflation pay rises. The vast majority of public sector workers remain subjected to the punishing 1% pay cap.

Conference notes that CPI inflation stands at 2.9%, according to September 12th ONS data.

Conference notes that this means public service workers – including those employed in the private and voluntary sectors delivering public services - are facing yet another year of real terms pay cuts.

Conference notes that despite widespread public support for public services and those who provide them, the government have still failed to act and deliver the meaningful pay rise all public service workers need and deserve. Services are already suffering from recruitment and retention problems.

Conference welcomes Labour’s commitment in the 2017 manifesto to end the public sector pay cap.

Conference believes that what is best for public services is a return to meaningful pay negotiation/bargaining across the public sector, with pay rises fully funded by the government and a return to at least pre Tory austerity levels of pay across ALL public services.

Conference resolves that Labour’s next manifesto will commit to fully funded, above inflation pay rises across all public services, reversing the impact of the pay cap and restoring public sector pay to at least pre Tory austerity levels in real terms under the next Labour government

Seconder: Bolsover CLP

Ravi Subramanian
Regional Secretary

Oct 3, 2017