The Department of Health and Social Care recently announced that it had created a new website that gives care workers the opportunity to share their views about what needs to happen to improve the care system.

The views submitted on the website are shared with government ministers on a regular basis. Please encourage your care worker members to contribute to make them aware of the scale of the problems in the care sector.

This autumn the new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, launched a digital platform that allows health and social care workers in England to provide feedback about their working lives -

The website encourages workers to contribute their views around the six following areas:

  • Challenge 1: Feeling empowered and achieving their full potential.
  • Challenge 2: Working without fear of bullying, discrimination or violence.
  • Challenge 3: Having access to the training, development and support that staff need.
  • Challenge 4: Feeling included and valued.
  • Challenge 5: Getting the basics right.
  • Challenge 6: How can we measure success?

We have been told by civil servants that this new website is intended to supplement and
not replace other mechanisms for providing feedback on the working lives of health and
social care workers.

Given that Government Ministers are regularly informed of the views of the care workers
that have contributed to the site please take this opportunity to encourage your social care
members to register for the site and contribute their views, particularly around the myriad
of challenges that they face in their jobs. We are particularly keen for care workers to
stress the need for improved levels of pay and training in the sector.

We have been assured that care workers are able to contribute to the website on an
anonymous basis.

Details of the website have already been distributed by UNISON health branches to their

With best wishes
Jon Richards
National Secretary
Local Government, Police and Justice Section

Nov 22, 2018