In recent years our region have been building links with Trade Unions in Nicaragua (a country our union has worked with since the 1980s). 

This has involved organising several visits to our region by Nicaraguan workers from several unions but particularly Health and Local Government and a visit to Nicaragua from delegates from our region.

This led to a twinning agreement between George Eliot Hospital and Managua.

In order to continue building these links, last year Regional Council agreed to finance a second visit to Nicaragua.

It is planned that this will take place the middle of July (approx. 12 -20) 2019 to coincide with 60th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution celebrations.

Following disturbances last year the proposed date is based on current National UNISON advice that it is now ‘safe’ to visit but obviously we will continue to monitor this advice

The delegation will consist of 3 members: a LG worker, a Health worker and one other.

This is not a holiday! In order to make the most of the week, it will involve cramming a great deal of meetings and visits into a short space of time. On return delegates would be expected to turn their experiences and discussions gained during the trip into practical activities with the aim of enhancing our links with our Nicaraguan sisters and brothers.

If you believe you have something to contribute towards our international work and are interested in taking part in this delegation, please send an email to our regional International Officer, Dave Auger outlining why you would like to go and what you could contribute by April 12 2019

Dave Auger
Regional International officer

Mar 12, 2019