Pete Lowe – who is “made in UNISON” – is standing to be the Labour Party candidate for West Midlands Metro Mayor, and UNISON is proud to be backing him, as he is “one of us.”

After consultation with a wide range of people, Pete has now announced some of his initial policies, as outlined below:


  • Pete will declare a homelessness emergency on his first day in office
  • Pete will bring together the seven constituent local authorities and wider partners to co-ordinate a credible, ethical and effective response
  • Pete will relentlessly expose the direct link between cruel Tory austerity and the massive increase in homelessness in our towns and cities


  • Pete will take radical action to protect the rights of tenants and leaseholders, holding rogue landlords to account and creating a level playing field for all
  • Pete will be hawkish about maximising the amount of social housing in planning deals and will press for accelerated council house building
  • Pete will lobby to ensure that every citizen of the West Midlands can lead a long and independent life in their own home


  • Pete will act to make sure that public transport is safe, convenient and accessible
  • Pete will work with others to bring about a plan to deliver a modern, sustainable and integrated public transport system, fit for the 21st century
  • Pete will lobby to bring about municipal oversight and ownership of public transport, including guaranteeing free and affordable travel for the young, old and disadvantaged


  • Pete will establish a People’s Bank for the West Midlands
  • Pete will challenge the public, third and private sectors to understand and act upon the positive impact their own spending power can have on the local economy
  • Pete believes in an economy that enables wealth to be created in a sustainable way and ensures that said wealth is shared fairly; an economy where carers enjoy the same prosperity as entrepreneurs, in a way that nourishes the planet and doesn’t destroy it.

Developing Potential for all 

  • Pete will take immediate action to ensure the system delivers for everybody. 8,000 young people in the West Midlands are currently not in education, employment or training; that’s 8,000 too many and a scandal that needs to end
  • Pete will divert the money the current mayor squanders on his high rolling consultant friends and invest it in projects rooted in our communities
  • Pete will argue for a skills and training system that meets young people where they are and encourages them to maximise their potential, including earning a real living wage, regardless of age

Where you live

  • Pete will continue to ensure that the team around him reflects the rich diversity of the West Midlands
  • Pete will challenge others to meet and exceed the highest standards of equalities practice in the delivery of goods and services to the public
  • Pete will set about closing the health inequalities gap that means some of our poorest citizens live a decade less than their richer neighbours

Public Standards of Office

  • Pete will develop a code of conduct for the Office of Mayor that will hold him, and his successors, to the highest standards of public account
  • Pete will hold an all members policy conference to involve all Labour members from the outset of his candidacy


Pete will be announcing more policies in the next few weeks that will cover how he will:

  • Implement a Green New Deal across the region that works for all of our communities
  • How he will use the office of Mayor to fight the far-right and to challenge the use of racially inflammatory language by politicians
  • Build on the work he has already done as the former Leader of Dudley Labour Group to improve the representation of women, BAME people and other under-represented groups in the Mayor’s Office and the wider Combined Authority constituent councils.
  • Plus a whole host of other ideas


If you want more information about his campaign please go to his website:

Please back Pete Lowe. He is made in UNISON, and he is one of us. He is best placed to beat Andy Street.


Ravi Subramanian
Regional Secretary
UNISON (West Midlands), 24 Livery Street, Birmingham B3 2PA

Aug 6, 2019