NHS WORKERS SAY TO PUBLIC SECTOR PAY AND INEQUALITY   We are calling on NHS staff and supporters to mobilise with us on 8th August to send a clear message to the government. We do not accept your plans to exclude us from the public sector pay increase and we will make ourselves heard until you listen.  This event is a peaceful protest against the governments decision Qp to leave NHS staff out of the recent pay increases.  Please observe social distancing. Wear a mask or face covering  We are feeling undervalued, demoralised, overworked and exhausted. We have lost 540 of our colleagues to COVID-19 and the fight is not over. Stand with us!  Location: Nottingham Market Square Plan of action: Meet at 11am, will have a 2 minute silence in remembrance for all those who lost their lives  @NurseSayNo

Aug 6, 2020