The IER is closed for its Christmas break, and all of our staff wish you a very merry - a safe - holiday season during these extraordinary times.

We leave you with news of our latest project into health and safety, which will be launched in March 2021. The IER has brought a team of experts from across the country together to examine the failures of health and safety legislation in the UK and propose reforms for its improvement. 

Today, we share an article from one of our team - Rory O'Neill - who introduces some of the many issues the project will take to task - in particular, the disquietening fact that offiical statistics appear to be significantly minimising the risk to life of continuing to work through the Coronavirus pandemic.

As we approach the 31 December end of the Brexit transition period, we also share a timely article from Professor Virgnia Mantouvalou and Natalie Seddaca on how UK law is lagging behind on when it comes to the rights afforded to in-home workers such as servants, carers and cleaners - who are overwhelmingly migrants - following a landmark case in South Africa.

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Dec 27, 2020