Imagine the situation:  Your job involves you travelling from your office to other locations during your working day.  This might be to inspect a property, visit a client or meet colleagues in another organisation.  The time you take to travel between your office and the other location you would expect to be paid for, right?  Of course - it’s part of your work for your employer and you wouldn’t be doing it otherwise.

Now, imagine, as a result of the pandemic you are forced to work from home.  But your employer now tells you that, because you are working from home, if you travel to another location during the day, you will have to clock out for the duration of the journey there and the journey back.  No matter how long that journey takes.

If you don’t have to imagine this situation, if this is now the reality of your working day, we would like to hear from you.  Several UNISON members have contacted us already and we are trying to identify which employees are affected, with a view to making a collective claim.

Please contact us on, title your email “Travel Time”, and tell us where you work.  All contacts held in confidence.

We have also put this request on our Facebook page if you would like to share it.


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Paul Quigley / Theresa Kelly

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UNISON Dudley General Branch


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May 13, 2021