Age Equality

Surveys have shown that the one of the most commonly cited forms of discrimination in employment, is age bias. It can affect workers of all ages from school leavers in first time employment to those about to retire. Examples of age discrimination are things like: older workers being unfairly refused training or forced to retire because they are at retirement age, even when they wish to continue work. Younger workers maybe forced to accept lower rates of pay and/or employment benefits, or be given less opportunity of promotion even if they have the relevant experience and abilities to carry out the job on offer. Everyone, irrespective of age, is entitled to claim for unfair dismissal, redundancy and other employment protection rights.

Despite previous attempts by the Government in 1999, when a Voluntary Code of Practice on tackling ageist practices at work was published, most employers simply chose to ignore the new guidelines. As a direct result of a European Union Directive, age discrimination in employment and training is now prohibited in the UK, although there are some exemptions, which mean some things are permissible.

Unison have campaigned against age discrimination and for effective legislation to tackle it along with other Trade Unions.

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