Our Branch Officers

Our Branch Officers are elected at our AGM. The Branch Officers and stewards form the Branch Committee. Please contact if you are a member and need contact emails for any of our Officers or Stewards.


Branch Chairperson William Gibson

01384 812617

Branch Vice Chairperson Rob Underhill

 01384 814143

Branch Secretary
Membership Services & Admin
Theresa Kelly

 01384 815109

Branch Secretary
Service Conditions
Paul Quigley

 01384 816769

Branch Treasurer John Everson

01384 814806

Branch Health & Safety Officer Rob Underhill  

01384 814143

Branch Equality Officer Sarah Jones

07737 536571

Branch Development Officer Vacant


Branch International Officer Chaz Stoll

07534 846113

Branch Welfare Officer Sarah Jones

07737 536571

Branch Young Members Officer Vacant  
Branch Retired Members Officer Steve Beardsmore  
Branch Auditor Colin Willdey  
Branch Returning Officer David Kippest